SAPI Increased Customer Service 40% During August – Yvke Mundial

SAPI Increased Customer Service 40% During August – Yvke Mundial

The Independent Service for Intellectual Property (SAPI), an entity under the Ministry of People’s Power for National Trade, increased by 40 percent, in August, interest in its office users, through technical advice, face-to-face and in practice.

In July, they were treated Two thousand 460 peopleAnd in August, the number added 3,438 users, which means an additional 978 users, compared to the previous month, according to the monthly balance of the body.

In compliance with the instructions of the owner of the National Trade Portfolio, Deliz Alvarezand General Manager, Carmen Gonzalez, the Foundation’s officials are deployed throughout the national territory with various activities in the field of intellectual property.

. monthly report sabi indicates that 969 users attended in person; 230 orders were received through the virtual box office; By phone, 1,995 users were informed. In social networks, the service was provided to 178 people and in the regions, 966 users started the registration process in the Web Intellectual Property Information (Webpi) system.

On the other hand, 1180 trademark applications were registered, 28 in patent 24 copyright requests were entered into the system. Similarly, SAPI was present at the 13th Book Fair in Caracas, held in Los Cobos Park, providing technical advice on trademarks, patents, copyrights and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI).

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