“La culebrítica”, produced by Grupo 5, arrives in Uganda: children from Hypers Kids Africa dance on a large scale Peruvian cumbia video

“La culebrítica”, produced by Grupo 5, arrives in Uganda: children from Hypers Kids Africa dance on a large scale Peruvian cumbia video
Hypers Kids Africa, the kids who dance “La culebrítica” produced by Grupo 5 and conquer the networks. | Instagram

Group 5's music crosses continents. This is how children are hyper kids africa, A group of Ugandan dancers and acrobats who went viral on social media with their performance “Series”Success of the Peruvian Popular Orchestra.

Young people who belong to A nonprofit organization Which seeks to empower children in Africa through art and sports, and be surprised by their energy and joy as they move to the catchy rhythm of Northern Cumbia.

It was the video He posted it on his Instagram account And its other digital platforms, it received hundreds of thousands of views, as well as reactions and comments, including some Peruvian celebrities such as Marco Zunino.

Group 5 congratulates Hypers Kids Africa for dancing their infectious song “La culebrítica”. | Instagram/HyperKids Africa-Group 5

The fifth group, originally from Monsivo, did not hesitate to congratulate the children on their talent and thank them for spreading their music on the African continent. The orchestra commented on its official channel, saying: “It is the best greeting from our country, Peru, with all love.”

Other artists and entertainment figures such as Armando Machuca, Marco Zunino, Aida Martinez, Sebastian Martinez, Julian Zucchi, Among others, they also joined in the praise and expressed their happiness at seeing how Peruvian cumbia crosses borders and cultures.

“Series” It is one of Grupo 5's most famous songs, making it internationally known since its release. The song featured a before and after in the band's tropical trajectory.

This popularity is due, in large part, to the dance steps created by Peruvian choreographer Fernando Fernandez Leon, well-known in the musical and artistic fields. Originally from Chiclayo, he has managed to make his choreography transcend borders, being reproduced in lands as far away as Japan.

Group 5 congratulates Hypers Kids Africa for their infectious dance to the song “La culebrítica”. | Capture/Instagram

Lion He also knew how to expand his talent beyond the stage. He founded a dance school under his name and runs a company focusing on performances and events.

“When the Yaipén family, specifically Elmer Yaipén, decided to release ‘La culebrítica,’ they called me and said: ‘Fernando, we will send you this CD with this song that we want to release,’” he said.

Hyper Kids Africa They are a group of dancers from Uganda, who have captured global attention and admiration thanks to their innovative choreography and acrobatics that they share across social networks.

This group of talented young people recently reached over one million subscribers on their channel. Youtubean achievement that earned them the platform the coveted Golden Button.

Hypers Kids Africa receives a YouTube button. | Youtube

Throughout its history, the group has proven not only its ability to dance, but also its ability to influence the digital world, quickly approaching 2 million followers.

Your participation in the famous program “America's Got Talent” It served as a window to her growing popularity and international acceptance. Through digital platforms, they regularly publish their dance interpretations of songs by famous artists.

One of the most widely discussed is related to a song by Colombian singer Shakira, which sparked great anger among her followers.

However, beyond spectacle and entertainment, the group has a charitable purpose. Through donations, it seeks to raise money for Supporting orphan children And in the vulnerable situations in Uganda.

Hypers Kids Africa, the kids who are conquering the networks. | Instagram

Their talent, originality and social commitment have not only secured them a place in the hearts of millions of followers around the world, but they also continue to inspire others, proving that art and creativity can be powerful tools for change and community support.

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