La Jornada – Canada sees progress in the energy dialogue

La Jornada – Canada sees progress in the energy dialogue

Canada’s Trade Minister Mary Ng said Mexico is making progress with its energy policy, so escalation of the dispute in the sector to plate requirements is unlikely, at least for the time being.

Thus, the need for an arbitration panel under the Mexico-United States-Canada Treaty (TMEC) Al-Kindi did not rule out, but said joint solutions would be sought.

“We will monitor this to ensure that the provisions of our trade agreement are being followed,” Ng said.

The minister inquired that the head of the economy, Raquel Buenrostro, met with some companies and explained the legal changes in the energy sector, and that there was a need for dialogue.

According to Bloomberg, the official also acknowledged that as a result of a meeting in January between the Mexican executive and representatives of some Canadian companies, the concerns of some of them could be resolved, leaving only the case of Caisse de Dépôt et Placement pending. du Québec – the second largest pension fund in Canada – which continues its course through the mediation of the Ministry of Economy.

Talks on this issue were held separately with the United States. In March, US Trade Representative Catherine Tay said her office and Mexico were working on it.

A dispute commission case could lead to tariffs on billions of dollars in Mexican exports.

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