La Jornada – Evo Morales questions Bolivia coup attempt

La Jornada – Evo Morales questions Bolivia coup attempt

peace. Former Bolivian President Evo Morales called Friday for an investigation into the coup attempt against President Luis Arce – his one-time ally and now a political rival – after questioning the official narrative.

Morales, one of the first leaders to warn on his X account about the armed uprising on Wednesday, questioned whether they really wanted to oust Arce.

“What kind of coup would it be? A coup starts, happy ministers walk in Murillo Square, playing with tanks; a coup with no casualties, zero shots, zero deaths,” the former president said at a news conference in the city of Sacaba, Cochabamba province (center).

In the same sense, it was controversial that the government reported that 14 people were injured by pellets fired by the rebel army when they entered the square where the presidential palace is located with tanks: “A coup, was it done with pellets?”

“Let them investigate, sooner or later the investigation will reveal” what happened, Morales added, surrounded by his supporters.

Morales and Arce, who worked together during the indigenous leader's three terms, are locked in a heated dispute over the ruling party's flags ahead of the 2025 presidential election.

Despite being disqualified by justice from running again, Morales wants to run for president, while Arce has not yet publicly announced whether he will seek re-election.

On Thursday, the Bolivian president revealed that he had called Morales to warn him of the ongoing coup. “It was clear that they were coming after me, but it was clear to me that later they were going after Evo Morales,” Arce commented.

Authorities have arrested 21 active and retired military personnel and civilians, allegedly linked to the coup attempt.

Among those detained are three former senior commanders of the armed forces, including General Juan José Zuniga, the former army commander, accused of being the leader of the uprising.

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