La Jornada – Spain withdraws its ambassador to Argentina. “Bullshit,” Miley says.

La Jornada – Spain withdraws its ambassador to Argentina.  “Bullshit,” Miley says.

Madrid. The spiral of tension continues to escalate between Spain and Argentina. In the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government, the socialist José Manuel Albarez, announced the final withdrawal of the Spanish Ambassador to Argentina, María Jesús Alonso Jiménez, and thus the diplomatic activity of the Iberians. The duties of the Chargé d'Affaires in the country will be limited to the duties of the Chargé d'Affaires. Far from being corrected, the President of Argentina, Javier Miley, not only refused to apologize publicly for his insults to Begonia Gomez, the wife of Spanish President Pedro Sanchez, whom he described as “corrupt,” but in a new escalation since Buenos Aires called the Spanish president an “arrogant socialist.”

The open diplomatic crisis between Spain and Argentina worsened after Miley's statements last Sunday in Madrid, when she participated in an event organized by the European far-right, Viva24, and described Begonia Gomez as “corrupt,” referring to the opening of investigations against her due to some letters of recommendation. Which he gave to some friends to receive public assistance, but in no way led to any kind of judicial accusation. Previously, Spain's Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, accused Miley of “substance consumption” and several members of the government called him a “xenophobe”, “racist”, “far-right” and denier.

Given the Argentine government's repeated refusal to apologise, Minister Albarez explained the unprecedented decision they had decided to take with Argentina and to withdraw the ambassador permanently. Paris said: “There is no precedent for a head of state to go to the capital of another country to insult its institutions and interfere in its internal affairs,” stressing that this “non-interference” specifically is the principle of “coexistence” between the two countries. He added: “We have no interest in any escalation, but it is the government’s duty to defend dignity and sovereignty.”

This decision by the Spanish government was partly prompted by an interview given during the early hours of the Spanish morning by the Argentine president, who insisted that he would not apologize and suggested that the Spanish government was responsible for the crisis: “I answered them and they were slapped. And when they saw that It went wrong, what did the coward Sanchez do? He got under women's skirts and ordered me to be attacked by different women in space and since one of his advisors was Alberto Fernandez, I said, “They are looking for this kind of provocation to accuse me of being a misogynist.”

Once the decision to permanently dismiss the ambassador was learned, Miley noted that it was “typical nonsense of an arrogant socialist” and recommended that Sanchez look for a “good lawyer” to defend his wife in the alleged corruption cases being investigated. For which she was not charged. “Socialists are capable of doing anything.” “Spain is committing an international mistake because of a delusional man who thinks he owns the country,” he added. He also said of Sanchez, “He is so arrogant that regarding a personal problem, in a sentence that does not contain names, he felt referred to.” To him, and the problem is with Mr. Pedro Sanchez, who feels that he is referred to in a sentence that does not contain names, and from here he initiates diplomatic escalation. If Pedro Sanchez makes a big mistake, I won't be stupid enough to repeat it. We keep everything as it is now.”

The European Commission, through its foreign affairs spokesman, Peter Stano, condemned “the attacks on individuals and family members of politicians” and urged both countries to resolve their differences: “We hope that the two countries, Spain and Argentina, will find a solution to the problem.” Resolve this bilateral dispute.”

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