La Jornada – T-MEC, with the potential to accelerate the recovery of the Mexican economy: experts


The Treaty of Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) is a tool that has the potential to help the Mexican economy accelerate recovery after the epidemic; However, there are still problems that must be corrected in various sectors to get the most out of them, specialists agree.

Carlos Bautista, an expert in international trade at La Salle University, has warned that the points in which Mexico should work the most are in labor matters and in the investment chapter, given that a series of violations will lead to the United States and Canada pushing the country to bi-national corporate committees to dissolve Disputes.

The specialist pointed out that without neglecting these aspects, Mexico must know how to benefit from the post-Covid economic recovery to increase exports, through the benefits provided by T-MEC, but also by taking advantage of its other trade agreements to increase sales to Asia and Europe.

For BBVA and Banco de México, T-MEC plays a major role in the country’s economic recovery, with the two institutions agreeing that proper implementation is a factor in raising the growth forecast for this year.

Specifically, the central bank considers the tripartite treaty to have the potential to increase investment arriving in Mexico.

The risk balance of economic growth has improved. Greater external demand in conjunction with T-MEC can spur investment arriving in the country, ”a member of the Bank of Mexico put it at the most recent monetary policy meeting.

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