La Jornada- There is no policy against intellectual property, Ambassador specifies


The Mexican ambassador to the United States, Martha Barcena, who is a few days away from leaving the diplomatic representation, said it was wrong to assert that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s administration initiatives in energy matters involve a policy against private investment.

In an interview with the Wilson Center, he pointed out that after many decades of a completely closed energy sector, reforms made in the recent past had positive elements, but some are not so much, and that is what the current federal government is trying. To correct.

He also agreed that Lopez Obrador had a relationship of respect and understanding with Donald Trump, and that the same would happen with the new president of the White House, because they both have many common issues and Joe Biden is one of the new presidents of the United States. Little he knows. For Mexico.

In his dialogue with Daniel Rund, Vice President of the Center – one of the most important platforms for analyzing foreign policy in the United States – Parsina relied on common points to resolve differences in energy matters, because the government. He is interested in the ability of both Petróleos Mexicanos and the Federal Electricity Commission to develop the country.

“We have to better explain President Lopez Obrador’s administration’s view (on energy matters), because the government in other areas is completely open to private investment. The discussions and disagreements that exist on the topic of energy should not be confused with the general attitude of the government towards the private sector,” Parsina said. Are open, despite the fact that we have different perceptions in the energy sector. “

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