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The President of the United States, Joe Biden, expressed his rejection of his rival in the elections, former President Donald Trump, and receiving intelligence reports, as is customary for former US leaders.

In a preview of an interview to be published next Sunday, Biden This may be opposed due to “Strange behavior” from Trump card Because it will not add any value to what is mentioned in these reports.

“I don’t want to speculate but I don’t think I need to Intelligence reports. What value would it give, and what effect would that have on him other than the fact that something might get away with it ‘, Has been confirmed Biden.

The president reasserted himself in all his criticism of his political rival, but avoided commenting on whether he would vote for the conviction. Trump card at ‘Isolation’ That starts next week.

The minimum wage is outside the incentive

The US President also expressed regret that the increase in Minimum salary At the federal level his government has proposed, he has few signs that he will continue in the Senate negotiations, despite the support of the majority of Democrats.

“I don’t think I’ll live”He was lamented Biden, Which ensured that negotiations would begin with representatives to implement this measure, which entails a minimum fee of $ 15 per hour (around € 12.4) per American.

One of the main criticisms received for the proposal was that Republicans did not see fit to raise Minimum salary Amid a pandemic. The president of the United States argued that after the rally, the entire economy would improve.

The economic package to revitalize the economy passed its first hurdle in the Senate during the early hours of Friday, with the support of all Democratic senators and the final vote of the president of the institution, Kamala Harris.

Although the new government’s intention was to agree to an economic stimulus with bipartisan support, negotiations between representatives of both parties proposed an entirely different size.

The proposal that has reached the House of Representatives is a $ 1.9 trillion package that includes $ 1,400 checks for Americans who have received less than $ 75,000, one of the great promises of democracy.

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