La Jornada – US companies see positive signs at AMLO-Biden اجتماع meeting

La Jornada – US companies see positive signs at AMLO-Biden اجتماع meeting

The messages of trust and cooperation exchanged by Presidents Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Joe Biden, during the series of meetings the leaders held in Washington, “are very positive signs of commitment,” the Amcham Mexican Chamber confirmed.

In the context of the US-Mexico CEO Dialogue, the private sector organization noted that messages of trust and cooperation from both leaders and their ministers, as well as their participation in the meeting with business people, reaffirm “the potential of the relationship” between Mexico and the United States, as well as “the importance of continuing to remove barriers.

Among the meetings that President Lopez Obrador held in Washington was a meeting with businessmen from both countries. From him, he announced that the investments in Mexico promised by American companies add up to $40 billion until the end of the six-year period.

Amsham noted that the series of meetings between the authorities of Mexico and the United States allows building solutions that lead to better “integrated, sustainable and competitive” economies. In this context, the organization stressed the importance of revitalizing the high-level dialogue spaces between the private sector and the governments of the two countries.

“Hearing the corporate voice is essential to sharing experiences, identifying opportunities, and most importantly: moving to implementing concrete, high-impact actions.”

He noted that “open dialogue is an essential part of this new era of bilateral cooperation and is the best way to unite efforts and advance the binational agenda in an orderly manner and of course focused on challenges, but above all on opportunities.”

He added that in both Mexico and the United States, companies collaborate in working groups, from which very specific recommendations arise for improving regulation and facilitation of trade, trade in services, energy and investment.

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