La Nación / Netflix’s mistakes and successes in the series about Merlina Addams, according to fans


Los locos Addams fans are still wondering about every detail of the Netflix series Wednesday Addams, which in a short time has captured everyone’s attention, especially on social networks such as TikTok where they perform the famous Merlina dance which is currently a trend. Rare Girl interpreter Gina Ortega drew praise from one segment and downgraded others for some characteristics that didn’t convince fans.

This character is very iconic which is why when a fully renewed series was announced, the expectations were very high on the viewers. In this production, she had some changes from what we usually know her to be. One is that he has psychic powers, something that some take away from a joke and even consider superfluous.

If we go back to the previous adaptations, we realize that she was never shown with that mental ability at any point, but in the original comic version she has supernatural talent and that has to do with physical strength, which is something they actually show. On Netflix when Merlina fights off some misfits at school and outsmarts them with her super strength.

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In this production, they decided to focus particularly on their mental capacity, but in all versions of this strange and dark family, there was always talk of superpowers that each of them possessed, such as Uncle Lucas who generates electricity and in the case of Morticia who can emit smoke from her body . But fans are looking for the bottom line to give their opinion, and in that they also pointed out that Homero Addams, played by Luis Guzmán, was not at all likable because they expected a seductive and charismatic character as we have seen in other adaptations.

But if the original comic is taken into account, Guzmán’s interpretation is closest to real characteristics such as obesity, a broad nose and a somewhat unpleasant appearance. The actor himself made it clear in an interview that he would never seek to imitate the work done by other actors and wants to make his own version.

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Something that also caught the eye was that Christina Ricci, who originally played Merlina back in 1991, was contracted to be in the series playing Marilyn Thornhill, an entirely new character created by Netflix, playing a teacher who works at a school for outcasts. Where Merlina is sent. The truth is that for filmmakers, Gina Ortega is the perfect Merlina because she has many things in common with her character, such as her love of horror films and in an interview she said that she is fascinated by productions that include monsters and killers.

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