Landon Donovan celebrated US “Two to Zero” in Mexico

Landon Donovan celebrated US “Two to Zero” in Mexico

The former striker, key to the rivalry between the United States and Mexico, appeared in the networks after his team’s victory over Trey.

Landon DonovanFormer national team player United State And one of the most important elements in competing with MexicoCelebrate and celebrate the result of his choice on tricolor in a game CONCACAF appraiser, as was the case in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“What a performance. He’s never felt better, USMNT.” Donovan On his Twitter account and attached his message with flags United State.

Donovan It has been key in the rivalry between the two teams and with goals and messages, the sporting rivalry has always increased, which has only become more intense since 2000.

Meanwhile, Hercules Gomez, also selected from the United States, thanked Greg Berhalter for his good leadership against Tricolor and, in a message on his Twitter account, celebrated his country’s victory.

“Forgive us, Greg, forgive us,” wrote the ESPN analyst, one of the main drivers of American football’s growth in recent years.

In this way, he was like some of the previous competitors of tricolor They echoed the US team’s 2-0 victory, which is one of this team’s favorite tag in the World Cup qualifiers.

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