Latinos in the United States equal the GDP of France

Latinos in the United States equal the GDP of France

With a virtual meeting about to take place between the presidents of the United States and Mexico, and two days after the brakes imposed on the suspension of Address 42 on the southern border of the North American country, the physician and academic from the University of California, David Hayes BautistaOn Wednesday, he revealed that the economic contribution of Latin America to the United States in 2019 ($2.7 trillion) is equivalent to 12.7 percent of that country’s GDP… If it were a nation, the Hispanic population would generate a GDP equal to that country’s GDP. France, the seventh largest country in the world.

This was detailed at a conference on the importance of the Latino population living in the United States, as well as their significant contribution to the economy of what is considered the number one world power. The 2021 US Hispanic GDP report produced an estimate of the economic contribution that this segment of the population makes to the country.

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This data provides a powerful introduction to unresolved meetings and regulations, because while the flow of immigrants from South America has not stopped during the pandemic years, the United States is reluctant to gather resources such as Title 42, which was recalled in March 2020 to reject immigrants from the southern border To contain COVID-19 infection in the Gulf.

The administration of President Joe Biden promoted the withdrawal of this measure at border ports, and although his withdrawal was expected in May this year, a court judge ordered the suspension of the process after more than 20 countries promoted the detention of this measure. Regulation.

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Meanwhile, the virtual meeting will take place this Friday between the President of North America and the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradora topic in which pressing issues such as cooperation in the areas of migration, energy, security and economic growth will be discussed.


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