The United States joins 55 countries in promoting Internet freedom

The United States joins 55 countries in promoting Internet freedom

United State More than 55 countries joined Thursday in launching an initiative for Safe and Free Internet Protectiondue to the increase in authoritarian governments, such as Russia, restricting access to digital information.

The so-called Statement of the Future of the Internet (DFI) Seeks to take back the “colossal promise” of the InternetRejecting the “rise of digital authoritarianism” to ensure democracy is strengthened, privacy is protected, and a free global economy is bolstered, the White House said.

This goal is threatened by more and more cases Governments that suppress freedom of expression and access to newsThe statement said the dissemination of misinformation or suppression of the Internet.

In recent months, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has “vigorously encouraged disinformation at home and abroad, censored Internet news sources, blocked or shut down legitimate websites, and even attacked Ukraine’s Internet infrastructure,” a senior official in the Joe Biden administration told reporters. .

“But Russia is not alone,” the official said, also quoting China.

More than 55 countries have joined this initiative, including developed countries such as Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Japan and the United Kingdom, along with others under development, such as Argentina, Cyprus, Slovenia, Kenya and Montenegro, as well as Ukraine.

Although the declaration is not legally binding, it sets out “fundamental principles” and “obligates governments to promote an Internet that is open, free, global, interoperable, reliable and secure for the world,” another senior Biden administration official said.

These efforts are aimed at combating Internet fragmentation, but will “respect the regulatory independence” of each country, the official said.

The advertisement also points to the need to ensure affordable access for disadvantaged groups.

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