Lettuce Beat: The humorous and viral challenge that made Liz Truss compete with vegetables

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image source, social networks

Amid political pressure in the UK for Prime Minister Liz Truss to step down, popular British newspaper, The Daily Star, launched an unexpected duel on social media between Truss and a piece of lettuce. Yes, lettuce.

On his YouTube channel And on its Twitter account, the newspaper created an uninterrupted live broadcast with a picture of the Conservative Party leader and a watch and a lettuce with the following question: Can Liz Truss live longer than a lettuce? All this in the midst of continuous calls for his resignation.

In the video, lettuce with eyes and a wig appearsIt quickly went viral and became one of the most talked about political jokes in the country.

Finally, this Friday, the challenge was a winner: lettuce, after the prime minister resigned from her post.

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