Lewandowski joins Barcelona’s US tour

Lewandowski joins Barcelona’s US tour

sAubert Lewandowski is already part of Barcelona And as part of the team be ready to join tour of the united states, Where will they face? Several commitments as part of the pre-season.

Lewandowski has left Mallorca This Sunday where he has a home. Once agreed between Barra and Bayern to sign, the Polish moved To the island to say goodbye to his family before joining the Barcelona stage.

And so, after stopping in Madrid, Lewandowski headed to Miami to join the focus of his new team. After ten hours of traveling, the new attacker was arrested at the airport by members of the club’s security team, who took him to the focus hotel, which was…

So far, the Bayern Mnich player will be presented on Monday at 7:00 PM (Spanish time) at Miami Barra Academy headquarters. Before that, all morning, the player passes medical examinations before signing his contract.

Until then, send the beating ram already The first message to Barcelona fans as a team player. It was through a video clip recorded for social networks from a watchtower on a Florida beach: “I am very happy to join Barcelona. Fora Bara”

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