Lorena Rangel took sixth place in her 800-megapixel film in the USA – El Sol de San Luis

Lorena Rangel took sixth place in her 800-megapixel film in the USA – El Sol de San Luis

Another day of track and field athletics Lorena Rangel, a student from Louisiana State University, competed in the 800-meter track and field championships 2021 Division I outdoor in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

On this occasion, Rangel Patrice gave a covert performance as he achieved sixth place in his playoffs, which did not give him to advance to the next round and in the end he was placed according to his time of 2 minutes, 7 seconds and 37 part of a hundred in the 37th position out of 48 total athletes.

Despite the position she finished in, the score isn’t bad for an athlete who was born in San Luis Potosi 19 years ago, as I ran into older runners with a lot of experience and fangs in this type of track race.

Teaching that every competition in which he participates represents Louisiana State University (LSU) leaving him will definitely pay off in the future, because Lorena Itzel is very smart and will know how to direct everything he learns into the following sporting events he faces ..

Regarding their participation at the end of last week, the 48 athletes were divided into six strikes and Lorena finished fourth, finishing sixth with a time of two minutes, thirty-seven seconds and 37 part of a hundred, and with this result, she did not advance to the final round and was placed in the last thirty-seventh. .

The podium for the winners went as follows: Michaela Mayer, from Virginia, with a time of 2m02s19c in first place; Katie Ann MacDonald, from Louisiana State University ranked 2nd with 2m02s54c; Amber Tanner, Georgia ranked third with 2m03s29c.

It is noteworthy that on this occasion, Lorena Rangel only participated in the 800-meter race, and did not participate in the 1500-megapixel race, a test in which she also participated.

It will be his next two dates: June 11-13 in Querétaro, Mexico, in the First National Force Championship where he will run the 800 and 1500 meters. A few days later the National U-20 Championship.

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