Losaro will celebrate Science Week

Losaro will celebrate Science Week

Luzaro Education Center has set up a week dedicated to science. This is the second edition, after last year it was a huge success. This initiative aims at developing students’ scientific competence, introducing gender differences in science, and through experiments and manipulation to shed light on the small world inside each student. In order to implement this initiative, they will have cooperation from various sectors and local residents.

Last Thursday, activities began to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Within the framework of the regional initiative, “Debabarrena STEAM”, which aims to promote scientific and technological careers among the youth of the region and girls in particular, the Bajo Deba Development Agency, Debegesa, in cooperation with the agents of STEAM_Debabarrena, organized various initiatives on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. One of these activities was a virtual meeting targeting Depaparina schools under the slogan “Have fun, have fun and learn with knowledge”. The young researcher and inventor Mitanni Alonso and the hero of the prestigious YouTube channel Valpat participated in this meeting.

Maitane Alonso is a project inventor looking at how to preserve food. Even though he is only twenty years old, he has won numerous awards, including the Hypatia: Young Talent in Science Award, the 2019 New Inspirational Woman Award, and the Intel-ISEF International Competition or MIT Prize, in which an asteroid bears his name . He gives conferences on scientific and technological publishing and participated in national and international events.

Valpat STEAM YouTube members are Valeria, a 12-year-old YouTuber, and Patricia, a Communications Engineer. The goal of the YouTube channel is to motivate and inspire girls and boys to enter the world of technology and robotics and to become fond of this world. They make fun tech videos for girls and boys to learn and have fun with programming, robotics, electronics, 3D printing and math projects. Valeria Corrales was awarded the Inspirational Girl of the Year award in 2019.

On Thursday, Luzaro’s students drew different drawings of how each person viewed the world’s character. These graphics will decorate the school corridors this week.


Workshops will have a big role during this science week. Last year a small planetarium was installed where students can enjoy various shows. One of the new things expected in this release is a 3D printer. Next Thursday and Friday, students will be able to see first-hand how this device works. Like last year, parents will also participate in various workshops. The school center has appealed to parents to participate in the teaching classes and the response has been very positive. Several volunteers have signed up and have subjects of all kinds.

Every afternoon, several workshops will be presented for each course, either in Spanish or Basque language. The topics to be discussed will be the following: robotics, chemistry, science … From Luzaro they announce that it is an activity that has garnered much interest and enthusiasm among parents and students. Since it is an opportunity for parents to see first-hand the profession and interest their children may have in relation to science.

Not only will workshops and experiments take place, but a space for documentaries has also been set aside. The Ostolaza Municipal Library will collaborate on this Science Week by presenting some science documentaries to the school library. “Teknopolis” chapters and aquaculture videos will be broadcast by Debara from Thailand.

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