Louis Inguanes and Victoria Reyes entered the NAS in the United States


Louis Anguanese.

Virus World Louis AnguaneseAnd who develops nobody Spanish vaccines Against him Coronavirus (COVID-19)And anthropologist Victoria Reyes International members were elected in National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in the United States In recognition of him Scientific track.

NAS announced Tuesday’s election 120 members (59 of them are women), which is the largest number of the selected in one year, in addition to 30 international members in recognition of their efforts. Outstanding and ongoing achievements in original research.

You can check here for the full list of new members

The historical issue of The choice of women this year It reflects the important contributions they make in the many fields of science, as well as the concerted efforts by our Academy to recognize those contributions and the fundamental value to increasing diversity in our classes. National Marcia McNaught, President of the Academy of Sciences. “I am delighted to welcome all of our new members and I look forward to participating with them in the work of the National Academies.”

Until now, Only seven Spanish researchers were selected To become part of NAS, a private, non-profit foundation established in the United States in 1863 He is charged with the task of “providing independent advice and.” It targets the nation in matters related to science and technologyIt has also been collected EFE.

Congratulations from Pedro Duque

Enjuanes is the head of the coronavirus lab at National Biotechnology Center (CNB-CSIC) And one of the most famous experts in the world in this type of virus. Together with his team, he is developing a prototype of a vaccine against SARS-Cov-2, Which is based on a ARN replica, Which is expected to be One dose and nasal application.

Reyes is a research professor at Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) He focuses his research on Environmental knowledge systems Local, including its benefits, drivers of change, and potential contributions to conservation and development.

Minister of Science and Innovation Pedro Duque, Congratulated the researchers and said, “This honorable mention is Another proof of the high esteem of our research staff At the international level. ”

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