Maduro noted that the US “discriminates against entire peoples” at the Summit of the Americas

Maduro noted that the US “discriminates against entire peoples” at the Summit of the Americas

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Caracas (AFP) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro asserted, Tuesday, that the United States practices “discrimination” against “entire peoples” in the face of the imminent exclusion of several countries from the Summit of the Americas, which will be held from June 6-10 in Los Angeles. .

Analysts say Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are emerging as excluded from the event, threatening a boycott.

“We are trying to exclude the people of Venezuela from the so-called Summit of the Americas, there has been a big protest by more than 25 governments against the attempt to exclude the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela,” Maduro said during a press conference. Acting in Caracas on state radio and television broadcasts.

“The path cannot be exclusion, discrimination or discrimination against entire peoples like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua,” the president said when celebrating Venezuela’s invitation to a meeting of culture ministers from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Countries (CELAC). , of which Argentine President Alberto Fernandez is president.

Maduro stressed that “whatever they do in Washington, the voice of Venezuela and the voice of Cuba and Nicaragua will reach Los Angeles.”

“We have our tricks,” Maduro said sarcastically, “I will not reveal any secrets, but what we will be, we will be, and this summit is the summit of protest against the exclusion of imperialism.”

Washington had no final say on who would be invited to the next Summit of the Americas.

For Washington, a “commitment to democracy” is a key factor for attending the Summit of the Americas

However, the administration of Democrat Joe Biden, who has indicated since January that a “commitment to democracy” will be “a key factor in who is invited and who is not,” said it did not expect Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to exist, because they “are not respected.” The principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter in force since 2001.

The presidents of Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras, as well as other CARICOM countries, have said they will not go if not all countries in the region are invited, while Argentina and Chile have requested that there be no exceptions.

“I thank you all for your courage, solidarity, support and protest against the totally unjustified and unjust exclusion,” Maduro added.

On the other hand, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will meet Friday in Havana at the highest level within the framework of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America (ALBA), the Cuban Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

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