“Majan”, the modern horror movie gem that will blow your mind

“Majan”, the modern horror movie gem that will blow your mind

The production was well received by critics and audiences.

It opens to cinemas in the United States on Friday Jan 6 A new horror movie that will give a lot to talk about. It comes to “M3gan”which is a production of the master of the horror genre Jason Blum.

The movie premiered in some specials in 2022, and it was Very well received by the audience; Even critics praised its special effects and terrifying plot.

What is the subject of “Ma’jan” (2023)?

The story is about m3gan, a doll designed by a robotics engineer from a toy company with unique and extremely realistic features. However, the story begins to take an unexpected turn when the robot manages to become aware of its actions and takes on a life of its own.

The author of the story “The Conjuring” is the screenwriter of this film. Photo: AFP.

The plot is based on an original idea by the acclaimed director James WanKnown for his work in films such as ‘The Game of Fear’, “dictation” and “Devil’s Night”.

Critics were completely favorable with the production Bloom House Productions. in IMDb, a site specialized in film criticism, achieved an average score of 6.5 out of just over 2,000 reviews, a value that will certainly change in the coming days. On the other hand, the location Rotten tomatoes It gave it an audience approval rating of 78% and a website review rating of 95%.

The main cast of the movie

  • Allison Williams – Gemma
  • Violet McGraw Cady
  • Amy Donald – Megan
  • Jane Van Eps – Tess
  • Brian Jordan Alvarez – Cole
  • Ronnie Ching David
  • Laurie Dungy – Celia
  • Stéphane Garneau Mountain Court

movie length 1 hour 42 minutes Roughly, subject to the end credits.

The main production team

  • Gerard Johnston – Conducting
  • Akila Cooper and James Wan – Idea and Screenplay
  • Jason Blum – Producer
  • Michael Claire – Producer
  • Cooper Samuelson – Production
  • Adam Hendricks – Executive Producer
  • Greg Gilreth – Executive Producer
  • Anthony Willis – soundtrack
  • Peter McCaffrey and Simon Rabe – cinematography

The official trailer for the movie “M3gan”

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