Martin Scorsese says TÁR is cinema!

Martin Scorsese says TÁR is cinema!
Martin Scorsese asserts that Todd Field’s TÁR has “dispelled the clouds” and restored his faith in the future of VII art.

during the Awards ceremony New York Film Critics CircleAnd the tarstarring Cate Blanchett and take out Todd Fieldreceived a high award, taking Best Actress and Best Film Award.

Butthe greatest recognition came from the hand Martin ScorseseAnd the who referred to the film and Todd Field as One of the biggest promises for the future of cinema.

Promising future

Among the various comments that have landed Scorsese in the headlines in recent years, stand out his perception of superhero cinema, and films that “It cannot be considered a cinema”, and the massive obsession of the media and production companies with the box office.

But, tar It gets positive reviews and reviews from the director who called it one of the best films of recent years during its delivery New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Picture 2 last December.

Martin Scorsese commented that “we’ve long since seen films that show where his story is going”, Referring to the wonderful formula for the movies what “They tend to hold the audience by the hand all the time.”

“Even if the movie is annoying at times, we’ve learned to take great comfort in knowing everything will be okay in the end.” The director explained that even the tapes of the past can suffer from this defect.

On the subject, Scorsese delved into the “quietness” that formulas provide, something other filmmakers, directors, and critics have found “It makes you lose hope sometimes about the future of art, especially for the younger generation.”

Later, after the idea was created, director L tar How do One of the films that, contrary to formulas, “restored his faith in cinema”. And in the future of the seventh art.

“all of that [el miedo a estancarse en las fórmulas] Left in the dark days. Clouds rose when I saw Todd Field TÁR. What you’ve done, Todd, is the crux of the unpredictable great movie you’ve made.”

Martin Scorsese

TÁR in Scorsese’s eyes

Martin Scorsese highlighted aspects of the film that contribute to the experiment, incl “Changing locations, reducing space and time to what they are, i.e. to nothing.”

All this Todd did so we could exist in her head. [Lydia Tár]. So that we experience everything through your awarenessscorsese collapsed, “The world is she. Time, chronology, and space have become the music by which he lives.”

“We never know where we’re going. We just follow her through her bizarre, unsettling journey to an equally bizarre final destination. What you’ve done, Todd, is tightrope walking. It all converges into a masterful spectacle, through delicate, dangerous, zigzagging and controlled angles.” Geometrically sculpted edges in a cool look make up the frame.”

Martin Scorsese

Finally, the manager pointed it out “Frame Limits” and “Provocation of Long Shots” Based on the narrative “ENGINEERING HIS SPIRIT. SPIRIT OF TÁR.”

tar It is a movie The largest number of nominations and awards He won during his rounds of festivals and awards in 2022 alike within the United States and globallyl, so it is expected that in future deliveries of statues will continue to generate a lot of noise, Especially for the work of Cate Blanchett.

TÁR is set to hit Mexican theaters in February 2023.

What do moviegoers and moviegoers think?

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