Democratic Republic of the Congo. – Ten dead in an attack attributed to a new militia, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Spain

Ten people have been brutally killed in an attack by a new armed group known as Shishikara in Masisi District, in Congolese North Kivu Province, in the east of the country.

According to civil society sources reported by Radio Okapi, the massacre apparently took place more than two weeks ago. They also denounced that this new militia had committed numerous attacks against the civilian population of Bwabo and Banyongo with complete impunity. They also attack livestock from farms in the area.

A civil society official from Masisi, Telesfor Mitondiki, confirmed that he had previously alerted the relevant civil and military authorities of these “gross violations that these combatants are committing on a daily basis”.

However, the spokesman for the territorial government, Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Ndjik Kaiko, confirmed in statements to Radio Okapi that he was not aware of the existence of this new militia, and for this reason he promised to verify this information.

On the other hand, a man in his 20s died, Sunday, in an attack attributed to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in Wangatsu, Erengiti municipality, Beni province, also in North Kivu. Congolese news portal Actualité reported, citing a spokesman for the provincial government, that two more people were seriously injured.

ADF militiamen stormed Wangatsu at 8:00 this Sunday morning and shot the victim before setting his house on fire. They also took the cattle before fleeing the area.

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