Mane Pacquiao told Juan Manuel Márquez that politics is not the business of boxing


Currently, Shooting He is a living legend in boxing having asserted his status as champion in every fight. In return, his exposure gave him the opportunity to become a part of his country’s history by becoming a senator philippines On 2016.

Who will start following in my footsteps WBA World Welter Champion it’s a Juan Manuel Marquezexecutioner Pacman Knockout in memory in 2012. This is because dynamite He will run for deputy in نائب Mexico City In the next election with green party.

Because of this new indulgence in politics, Shooting He left a profound message to the Mexican regarding the path he was about to take. (Juan Manuel) Marques, I am honored that you noticed my work in the Philippines. Let’s become partners in our fight against corruption. Always remember, politics is not a business, it’s a public service. I wish you my best friend. go with Godposted on their social networks.


on the other side, Dynamite Marquis When he announced that he would take the step into politics, he promised that he would work for the people, the country, and the department that touches him as he did in the ring. “I don’t like to talk in the ring because I have proven my ability with gloves, now it will be so in legislation, it won’t stay with words, I will prove it”The former world champion said.

We must remember that Juan Manuel Marquez He announced in recent weeks that he is about to come out of retirement to have an exhibition in front of him Miguel Cotto.

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