Maria Camila Osorio arrived in the United States and trained with Chicharito Hernandez at LA Galaxy

Maria Camila Osorio arrived in the United States and trained with Chicharito Hernandez at LA Galaxy
The tennis player from Cucuta visited the LA Galaxy facilities on California soil and greeted the Mexican striker at the Western Conference franchise at MLS/(Instagram:camilaosorio_)

On the morning of Tuesday, September 27, Colombian tennis player Maria Camila Osorio Serrano traveled to the United States to promote her career in Los Angeles (California) and prepare for the start of the tournament. San Diego WTA 250 Which starts on October 10th.

It was remarkable that in the middle of the preparation and promotion tour of Maria Camilla in the United States, she met the striker of the Mexican football team and Los Angeles GalaxyJavier Chicharito Hernandez, who invited her to be part of an internship with Herbalife while acknowledging details about his career in visiting Colombia in the past.

The tennis player from Cucuta (#69th in the WTA rankings) was invited by the Los Angeles Galaxy, the team that He gave him a white concession shirt with number 22 and the Osorio nickname embossed on the back. This is how the 2021 Colsanitas Cup champion shone in a very funny meeting with him Chicharitothe player who started the conversation by asking him which part of Colombia he belongs to.

This was the dialogue between athletes from Latin America:

– How are you, from which part of Colombia are you?

-fine and you? from Cúcuta.

I was there, I played there as a kid. I don’t know if it was in the Libertadores or the Sud Americana against Cúcuta. A city I know thanks to football

Osorio Serrano, a well-known football fan due to his grandfather’s past Rolando Serrano – who recently passed away and was part of the Colombian national team that played in the 1962 World Cup in Chile – was optimistic about his arrival in Los Angeles due to his upcoming WTA Tour appearance and joked with words The following is in a photo posted on his Instagram account:

“Professor, give me”

The Colombian was recorded doing a pre-competition warm-up and with the ball on the LA Galaxy warm-up training ground and a revenge for her athletic background, given that she won the 2019 US Open Junior title in her class before making her professional debut.

We must remember that Osorio It is located in square 69 of the women’s tennis world rankings with a cumulative score of 835 points. Meanwhile, Polish athlete Iga Swiatek leads the rankings with a total of 10,180 points. Currently, Maria Camilla’s best athletic performance and performance occurred at the WTA 250 Open in Monterrey, playing the final against Canadian Leila Fernandez, who ended up winning parts 6-7, 6-4, 7-6.

in matters Grand SlamsOsorio Serrano participated in the Australian Open, Roland Garros (France), Wimbledon (England), and the US Open (USA), and his last participation was on September 1 in the doubles duel against Storm Sanders 🇦🇺 and Caroline Dollhead 🇺🇸 while she was with the Italian Lucia Bronzetti.

It should be noted that these “four tournaments” are the most important in the International Tennis Championships. Of course, there are other related events such as the Masters 1000, which also brings together the best tennis players in the world every year. In this match they couldn’t win any of them Game And they partially lost 0-6, 0-6 in 44 minutes of the match.

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