Marinas: Decreased sale of boats and anchors plunge the work


Marinas flooded by COVID-19 The decrease in the sale of pleasure boats and the demand for berths caused by the decrease in income from the management of the berths, according to DBK Sectoral Monitor Informa. After experiencing a strong expansion, business related to marine activities suffered the negative effects of the epidemic.

According to the study, “A business recovery is expected in the short term, although in 2021 it will still be much lower than the numbers recorded in 2019.” He adds, “Establishing the concept of marine navigation as a safe tourism option represents an opportunity for the sector.”

In February 2021, there were a total of 292 berths in Spain with a capacity of 132,500 mooring pointsOf these, 67% are located in the Mediterranean ports, and the average number of berths per port is estimated at 454. The autonomous communities with the largest number of berths are Andalusia and Catalonia, with 48 and 47 installations in February 2021, respectively. They are followed by Valencian Community, 40, Balearic Islands, 37, and Galicia, 28.

Catalonia has the largest number of marinas, with 29,239 berths in February (22.1% of the national total), Andalusia with 21,735 berths (16.4%), then the Balearic Islands with 20,300 berths (15.3%). Together with the Valencian Community and Galicia, with 14.5% and 9.2% of the total marinas in the country, respectively, the top five societies group together about 78% of the total supply of marinas in the country.

Along these lines, 79% of marinas are operated by private companies through concession contracts, while the remaining 21% are managed directly by independent bodies and port authorities that own the ports.

Likewise, the top 10 private companies that jointly manage berths concentrated 13% of the total number of berths under concession in February 2021.. Total sales of 32 key management companies in 2019 amounted to € 166 millionWhich represented a growth of 4.4% compared to the previous year.

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