The Bundesliga is negotiating entry of equity funds into the television rights business


The Bundesliga is open to capital funds. The Deutsche Vospal Liga (DFL), the agency responsible for the German league, will implement the The tender in which you will sell a stake in Bundesliga International, Which many capital funds are interested in.

DFL can contact you regarding Thirty interested bidders To invest in a minority stake in its commercial subsidiary responsible for the international sale of audiovisual rights, in a process that could take place this week, reports Bloomberg.

Reduction It will allow the Bundesliga to compensate a portion of the lost revenue As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund lost 50 million euros and 63 million euros, respectively.

Advent International y BC Partners They are two private equity firms that have set themselves up to invest in Bundesliga International, and which other companies such as Penn Capital, CVC Capital Partners, General Atlantic and YKKR.

“I’m sure there will be a lot of interest,” says Doug Harmer, a partner at Oakwell Sports Advisory who is collaborating with a potential bidder. “It is a well-managed league” that asks “whether more can be done to make it a more international product”, in the wake of the Premier League or LaLiga.

The Broadcast rights in the German Bundesliga totaled 240 million euros per season By Deloitte, before the impact of Covid-19. A smaller number bought with 1,600 million euros from the Premier League and 897 million euros from the League.

A percentage sale of the Bundesliga International, which manages the audio-visual rights for the two major divisions of German football, is Part of a broader discussion of how German professional clubs are distributing dwindling money from television.

National rights in the Bundesliga were sold in June of last year, for the next four seasons, from 2021-2022 to 2024-2025, in order to 1160 million euros per season When it was sold in the previous cycle for 1,100 million euros. Moreover, in September DFL lost a € 200 million TV deal with the broadcaster beIN Sports.

Investment funds are increasingly active in the sports sector, With CVC, Advent and FSI Fund managing 10% of a Class A media management company. In addition, CVC itself will invest 300 million euros in FIVB, instead The NBA opened the door to the money, Giving them control of up to 20% of franchises.

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