“MASA is well known and recognized in the United States”

“MASA is well known and recognized in the United States”
Jorge Arguelo said Sergio Massa was “known and recognized” in the United States. / Photo by Gustavo Amarel

Argentina’s ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguelo, hopes that Sergio Massa, who will take up his post this week as Minister of Economy, Productive Development and Agriculture, is “known and recognized” in that country.

In this sense, the ambassador in Washington stressed that he had “several conversations this weekend with Massa” and that he “plans to travel to the United States, touching on Washington and New York,” although “this agenda does not yet include a date.”

As the Argentine ambassador in Joe Biden’s government pointed out The purpose of Massa’s trip to the United States is to “make contacts with investors, businesses, multilateral organizations, and members of the government.”From that country.

This was expressed in statements he made to Radio Con Vos, in which he noted that Massa is “a well-known and recognized person in the United States”, where “it would be easier to take him down or start his actions because he is a well-known and recognized person.”

Regarding the recent trip of the outgoing Minister Silvina Patakis to the United States, where she met the authorities of the International Monetary Fund, businessmen and US officials before leaving her post, the diplomat noted that “the situation is not ideal, but the reality is what it is.” He emphasized that in his role as a diplomatic representative, he developed “a system of relations that allows us to arrange the situation and successfully overcome this type of event.”

After recalling that an agreement had been reached with private bondholders and a renegotiation of debt with the IMF, Arguelo noted that “we now have to demand spending and here Massa added value” and noted: “This could change expectations regarding the economic situation in our country”.

Meanwhile, when analyzing the internal dynamics of the ruling coalition, the Tudos Front (FdT), he stated that “in the United States, a coalition of 14 or 15 parties does not rule” but “the Democratic Party rules”.

At that point, he analyzed “I can assure you that the distance between the moderate wing and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is as wide as the extremes of the government coalition in Argentina.”

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