The Jalisco Attorney General’s Office is seeking assistance from the federal authorities in the Luz Raquel case

The Jalisco Attorney General’s Office is seeking assistance from the federal authorities in the Luz Raquel case

In about two weeks Rachel Padilla Died in Jalisco due to burns, the entity’s attorney general’s office Request support in the investigation of the case into two federal departments: the Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) and the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).

The foundation said in a statement that it had already formally requested the aforementioned technical assistance and was continuing the investigations.

“These investigations were conducted in accordance with the provisions of the law and on the basis of relevant technical, legal and scientific procedures, as well as on existing protocols,” he said.

However, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office She has been criticized for her handling of the case. Although he indicated for the first time that he had opened an investigation into the femicide, last week he stated that Luz Raquel Padilla could have committed an assault on himself.

The statement made by the foundation, during a press conference, was criticized by activists and citizens, and even called on organizations to ask the FGR to take over the case.

Luz Raquel Padilla, 35, died on July 19, three days after suffering severe burns to much of her body.

Testimonies from her family and people close to her indicate that she was burned by a group of five people, possibly with the complicity of the woman’s neighbours, whom she denounced for their threats.

In front of local authorities and on social media, Luz Raquel Padilla said her neighbors threatened her because they were disturbed by the voices of her 11-year-old son, who has autism.

So far, there is only one person being held in this case. This is Sergio Ismael “N”, one of the victim’s neighbors, although he is not directly accused of burning her but of threatening her. Sergio Ismail “N” is under preventive detention.

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