Meet the AI ​​that turns you into an anime character – Kudasai

Meet the AI ​​that turns you into an anime character – Kudasai

Turning your photos into anime selfies with the power of technology is back in style. Forget adjusting parameters and fine tuning directions on complex AI models: all you have to do is use Dimensions are different from me, an AI-powered website that creates cartoon-style portraits from your photos with the click of a button. Here is a guide on how to find and use it.

  • First Step: Visit the Different Dimension Me website Unless you know where to look and already have a link, it can be hard to find Dimensions are different from me Online, since the generator is in Chinese and is actually a page of the service qq From Tencent More than one independent site. Here is a link that will take you directly.
  • Second Step: Upload the image – Although the site is in ChineseThere is really only one big button that you can touchso touch it. This will bring up a popup with another button, click on it as well. it is being done? You should now be able to upload an image from your device. We recommend choosing an image for your first try. For our guide, we’ll be using a cosplayer’s image Anya Forge who wanders in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
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  • Third Step: Wait for the result – Once you upload the image, it should start creating the image automatically. The process should not take more than 10 seconds. The final result will be presented in the form of a short music video revealing the image of the anime and comparing it to the original image. This is how it turns out:
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  • Fourth step: Save the result – To save the final result, press the left button below the video. This will create a popup containing your original image and its animated version. Tap or right-click on the image and download it to your device.

You will not be able to download the video unless you have an account Tencent qq. Instead, we suggest that you simply record your screen while the video is playing. And that’s all you need to know about how to use it Dimensions are different from me. In fact, If you are using a computer, you may find the site more difficult to navigate, as it is designed as an application for mobile browsers.

If your flat screen cannot load the site, press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + Iwhich will open developer tools. There you will choose the option marked in the following image, and that’s it! Your browser will act as if you were on a mobile device, so it will display the site correctly.

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