Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143: Spoiler, Raw Scan & Release Date


Mercenary Enrollment or Teenage Mercenary is a highly acclaimed weekly Manhwa series that has amassed a huge fan following. Written by YC and beautifully illustrated by Rak Hyun, the manhwa revolves around a gripping military-themed plot that keeps readers on their toes.

As fans eagerly await the release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143, the anticipation is palpable. This article delves into what we know about this forthcoming chapter, the series’ popularity, plot details, release date, cast, and much more.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter : 143
  • Release Date:  July 2, 2023
  • Language: Korean
  • Genre: Action, Drama, & Slice of Life
  • Where to read: Naver and Webtoons

Popularity of the Show

Since its inception, Mercenary Enrollment has been a breakout hit. Its complex narrative coupled with intriguing characters and Rak Hyun’s unique and captivating illustrations make it an irresistible read. The protagonist, Yu Ijin’s, tenacity and adaptability resonate with the readers, making the series one of the most popular manhwas in recent years.

 Release Date of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143

Mark your calendars for July 2, 2023, as this is the date when Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143 is expected to release. As the series follows a weekly release pattern, fans can look forward to a new chapter every week. Please note that this date might be subject to change due to the publisher’s schedule.

Cast of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143

Yu Ijin: He is the protagonist of the series. A former mercenary who has returned to his homeland after a decade, Ijin is trying to lead a peaceful life despite his turbulent past. His sharp instincts, combat skills, and strategic mindset make him a formidable character. But underneath this hardened exterior, Ijin is just a young man trying to protect his loved ones.

Cha Dusik: A charismatic and powerful figure in the manhwa, Cha Dusik is one of the first friends Ijin makes after his return. Known for his muscular physique and formidable strength, Dusik is more than just brawn. His loyalty towards his friends and his strong sense of justice make him an essential part of Ijin’s life.

Shin Yuna: The primary female character in the series, Shin Yuna is a courageous, intelligent, and empathetic character. She’s the sister of Ijin, and her protective nature makes her an endearing character. Despite her circumstances, Yuna always maintains an optimistic attitude, providing a comforting presence in Ijin’s life.

Lee Mirae: She’s another prominent female character in the series who is Yuna’s friend and Ijin’s classmate. Lee Mirae is known for her cheerful personality and kind-hearted nature, and she plays an essential role in the series’ later parts.

The distinct personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses of these characters, combined with their unique pasts and compelling narratives, enhance the overall complexity and appeal of the series, making Mercenary Enrollment a must-read for all manhwa lovers.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143 Spoiler

With the suspense building at the end of Chapter 142, Chapter 143 is set to take the narrative to new heights. The chapter is likely to delve deeper into the consequences of Ijin’s confrontation with the bullies. It could reveal more about his past life as a mercenary, highlighting the complexities of his character.

Fans might witness more high-stakes action sequences, combined with poignant emotional scenes as Ijin tries to protect his loved ones. However, these are just speculations, and the actual content might bring about completely unforeseen developments, making the reading experience even more thrilling.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 142 Recap

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 142 continued the thrilling narrative of the manhwa, delivering a perfect blend of action, suspense, and emotional intensity that kept readers at the edge of their seats.

The story’s protagonist, Yu Ijin, grapples with his past as a mercenary while trying to live an ordinary life with his newfound family. Despite his best efforts, Ijin finds himself ensnared in a string of dramatic events that trigger his combat instincts and demonstrate his unparalleled tactical abilities.

In this chapter, we witness Ijin’s relentless pursuit of a peaceful life for his loved ones, constantly disrupted by forces outside his control. An incident occurs at school, where he discovers that his little sister is being bullied. This situation triggers Ijin’s protective instincts, and he confronts the bullies.

[DISC] Mercenary Enrollment – Chapter 142 (RumiTL)
by u/LeleTheKing in manga


However, these are not just ordinary bullies. The situation spirals out of control when it’s revealed that these are the children of a powerful political figure in Korea. This revelation increases the stakes for Ijin as he navigates the tense and challenging environment.

Simultaneously, the narrative explores Ijin’s interpersonal relationships. His friendship with Cha Dusik deepens, showing another facet of his character – loyalty and companionship. There’s an intriguing contrast between his hardened mercenary persona and the brotherly, caring figure he becomes around his friends and family.

Ijin’s struggle against authority, his desperate attempts to maintain a semblance of normalcy, and the continued threat to his loved ones set the stage for a compelling narrative. As he uses his military knowledge and experience to protect his sister, the tension escalates, setting up a high-stakes situation for the next chapter.

Chapter 142 beautifully portrays Ijin’s conflicting world – his desire for a peaceful existence versus his inherent combat skills that refuse to be suppressed. This dichotomy forms the backbone of the series, making Mercenary Enrollment an engrossing read.

As the chapter ends, readers are left with several questions about the consequences of Ijin’s actions and how they will affect his future and those around him. These unresolved threads promise more action and suspense in the upcoming Chapter 143, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Raw Scan Release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143

Raw scans typically get released a few days before the official release, which provides an unfiltered sneak peek into the forthcoming chapter. For Chapter 143, the raw scans are expected to surface online around June 29, 2023.

Ratings of the Show

Owing to its compelling narrative and captivating illustrations, Mercenary Enrollment has consistently received high ratings from critics and fans alike. Its blend of action, drama, and emotional depth has resonated with a wide array of readers, cementing its position as one of the top manhwa series.

Review of the Show

Mercenary Enrollment has been praised for its engaging storyline, detailed character development, and the rich world built by the author. The readers laud the balance between high-paced action sequences and heartfelt emotional moments. Rak Hyun’s illustrations perfectly complement the storyline, thereby enhancing the overall reading experience.

Where to Read Mercenary Enrollment

Fans can read Mercenary Enrollment on the official Naver and, which provides authorized and accurate translations. Enjoy reading!


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 143 promises to be an exhilarating ride. Its intriguing narrative, coupled with the anticipation around Ijin’s past and future actions, is sure to keep readers hooked. As fans continue to wait for the chapter’s release, it is clear that Mercenary Enrollment has carved a niche for itself in the world of Manhwa. With its blend of suspense, action, and emotional depth, this series continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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