News, situation in Gaza and more

News, situation in Gaza and more

The Gaza Civil Defense spokesman said that about 300 homes were completely destroyed during the Jabalia operation

A column of smoke rises during the Israeli bombing of Jabalia, north of Gaza, on May 14, 2024, amid the ongoing conflict in the Palestinian territories between Israel and Hamas. (AFP Image via Getty Images)

Gaza Civil Defense spokesman Mahmoud Basal told CNN on Saturday that about 300 homes were completely destroyed within seven days during the Israeli incursion into the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Basal said that his teams recovered 150 bodies and rescued hundreds of wounded during the past week in Jabalia, despite difficulties related to equipment security, dwindling fuel supplies, and a lack of heavy equipment.

He warned that many bodies were still under the rubble because civil defense teams were unable to reach or recover them. Basal said that his team of first responders was afraid to approach certain areas despite citizens’ calls for help, due to Israeli fire.

He added, “Today we recovered two bodies from Al-Daher's house in Jabalia, but there are still 15 bodies under the rubble, according to the information we obtained from residents of the area.”

The civil defense team has run out of fuel and now relies on small donations from citizens. He added: “Under the protocol, we have to send 4-5 vehicles, including an ambulance, in response to each distress call. Now we are sending only one.”

“If our cars and fire engines run out of fuel, it means a disaster. People who could be saved will die,” Basal said.

He says that due to a lack of heavy equipment and limited fuel, search and rescue efforts have been limited throughout Gaza.

Two days ago, the team heard the voice of a girl calling from under the rubble of her destroyed home in Al-Shati camp. “She was screaming and the team tried for five hours to reach her, digging by hand. But then her voice disappeared. When they finally reached her, she was dead. If we had had the right team, we could have saved her within a minute.” An hour,” he said.

Basal said: This is a recurring story.

He said, “Israel is implementing a scorched earth policy,” explaining that after his visit to the Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, on Saturday, he saw complete destruction. He said: “The only health center that supported the community was destroyed. Schools were destroyed. Water wells were destroyed. The occupation destroyed everything that could support life.”

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