Mexican director Gonzalez Inarritu presents his new film: “Bardo, a false history of some facts”

Mexican director Gonzalez Inarritu presents his new film: “Bardo, a false history of some facts”

Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is back for the fifth time at the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) To open it this Saturday with his latest movie “Cool, bogus-dating some facts”, “Self-fantasy”, paradoxically, takes the director away from reality as never before and draws viewers into his personal memories.

I started in “Amores Perro” (2000) where I was clearly interested in reality, Today there is nothing that interests me less than reality, Because I already realized that reality does not exist ‘, the director confirmed in a press conference hours before the opening ceremony of the festival.

The director’s film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, It depicts the story of Silverio Gama, a journalist and documentary director who has returned to Mexico Having lived much of his life in the United States, he enters an identity crisis of memories and encounters that blend reality and dream.

Based on his current questions, and the essential parts of his life, Gonzalez Inarritu explained that With the film I tried to express the feelings he feels migrate And the identity built from the aforementioned act and the passage of time.

I always thought there was no more Mexican than a Mexican who leaves the country, because When you leave your country, your absence accumulates The author of Birdman (2014) explained that your country’s existence somehow becomes more powerful.

From this encounter with its roots, The Mexican director made a feature film of more than three hourswhich was filmed in the city of Mexico20 years after his first movie, which was also his residence in that city.

Extraordinary experience

In the film, actors such as Daniel Giménez Cacho, Griselda Siciliani, Ximena Lamadrid and Iker Solano, They give life to characters who depend on himself, his wife and children respectively He said they were all chosen based on their talent and the personal connections he felt with their stories.

I never worked with Alejandro and he chose me, but He didn’t choose me for my talents, but for the moment of life I was inwho was similar to him, Jimenez Cacho, who plays Silverio in the film, said at the conference.

The “A Strange Enemy” actor explained that the “wonderful but imaginative” experience he had while writing “Bardo”, It was an extraordinary experience that I will hardly ever experience again in my lifefor the freedom and imitation he felt with his character, as well as a full understanding of the subject the director wanted to express.

The conference was also attended by production designer Eugenio Caballero (Rome, 2018), Co-writer Nicholas Giacoboni, who worked with him on “Biutiful” (2010)Fashion designer Ana Terrazas, FICM President Alejandro Ramirez and Festival Director Daniela Michele.

The movie González Iñárritu and ‘Pinocchio’, from countryman William the BullThey are one of the most awaited films Year and Twentieth Edition of FICM.

this year The festival’s official selection consists of 95 titles It is divided into 59 short films, 15 feature documentaries, 11 works from the state of Michoacan and 10 feature films.

It will be a week of intense cinematic activity with characters like Maribel Verdudirector Barry Jenkins, Claire Dennis, among others, They will display a parade in Morelia, the capital of Michoacan state to celebrate the all-personal return of cinema in Morelia after two years of hybrid celebration.

The 20th edition of FICM will be held from October 22-29 and They will develop face-to-face jobs in Morelia and virtual by Cinépolis Klic, Canal 22 and FilminLatino.

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