From Netflix to Hollywood: Alonso, Sainz and company to shoot Brad Pitt for F1

From Netflix to Hollywood: Alonso, Sainz and company to shoot Brad Pitt for F1

Formula 1 has confirmed that shooting the new film starring Brad Pitt in the first class will have a similar approach to Drive to Survive where all drivers and teams will be actively involved to give it more realism.

Liberty Media It has invested a lot of effort in introducing Formula 1 to the younger generation in an attractive way and its expansion strategy in the audiovisual world has proven to be very effective.

campaign to surviveThe Netflix documentary series on Formula 1, was key to this strategy and penetrated deeply into the United States. As a result, the next logical step was to move to the big screen and it will be.

in the beginning of the year We have informed you of a new project with Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton and Apple The participation and presence of the North American representative in the last races of the championship is not accidental.

Pete, along with the film’s production team, is already preparing the details of the start of filming, which, as the head of Formula 1, has confirmed, will begin in episodes during the second half of 2023.

“I think it’s dangerous. I’m really excited that we’re in a place where people are thinking, ‘What next?’ And that’s another step in growth. We really think it will allow F1 to be in another dimension that has not been explored in depth as well until today.”And the Stefano Domenicali told

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, which will make its Formula 1 debut next year, is likely to be one of the stellar locations for the film, which will include a great deal of real-life footage shot over the weekends.

Real drivers, teams and sponsors

One of the main aspects of bringing realism to the film will be the participation of real drivers, teams and sponsors, which will undoubtedly help the viewer to better connect with the story.

“A lot will happen next year, and It’s exciting because all the teams will be participating, the drivers, all of them. So it’s great. We are already planning all the activities and activations that need to be done in a real competition at the weekend, and we will start in the second half of the season”, adds Domenicali.

We’re still working on the details, as it’s just the beginning of the plan. The only thing I can say is that it will be real, so something will be appreciated during the racing weekends »repeat.

At the moment, says Domenicali, Formula 1, the production team and team representatives are negotiating how to synchronize the competition with filming.

Brad Pitt talking with Valtteri Bottas at the Alfa Romeo building.

“Now there are discussions with the teams about the plan, although of course this is Hollywood made. Lewis will be very important because he loves this new project and will retain the proper authenticity of the film.”. Domenicali confirms, regarding Hamilton’s involvement, is very involved in the project.

The Italian leader is confident that the final product will be of high quality since then “The producer is the best in Hollywood, the director is one of the best in Hollywood and the lead actor Brad Pitt needs no introduction.”.

“The films will be part of what we will build to attract a new audience and also to invest in the additional income that will come.”It concludes by furthering Liberty Media’s long-term strategy to promote Formula 1.

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