Mexico and Canada analyze a plan against the US incentive for electric cars


During the call, the Canadian minister expressed her “deep concern” about the proposed policy incentives for the purchase of electric cars in the United States, one of the main points of the Biden administration to combat climate change and boost your country’s economy.

Biden’s proposal, included in the “Building Back Better” bill, is to offer American consumers a tax credit of up to $12,500 to purchase electric cars produced in American factories.

Ottawa considers this provision to be in violation of the T-MEC Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Speaking with Clothier, Ng noted that “steps Canada has taken to defend the auto sector and its workers, including options for retaliation” should “continue the United States’ discriminatory actions.”

On Friday, Economy Minister Tatiana Clotheer told Canadian public radio station, CBC, that Mexico wants to coordinate with Canada to present a joint plan against the Biden Initiative due to the fear that tax incentives will destroy jobs in Canada’s auto sector. Canada and Mexico.

The official also said that the two countries were analyzing retaliatory economic measures they could adopt against the United States, and noted that “there are no consequences in any way” in response to the measure.

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