Mexico and the United States analyze strategies to boost the economy in Central America


The governments of Mexico and the United States are analyzing a strategy to increase economic aid for hurricane victims And the s corn, In addition to the displaced from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zunega, noted.

“We are working with Mexico to see what we can do as enormous and important economic actors to try to create opportunities in Central America and create humanitarian conditions,” Zuniga said after visiting Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Its goal is to collaborate with local authorities, non-governmental groups and international organizations, including the United Nations, to identify programs that already exist that can help victims of internal displacement and those affected by hurricanes. Which is Iota, Among other vulnerable groups.

Ricardo Zونيñiga mentioned a United Nations World Food Program (WFP) project that funnels money to those who need quick access to food.

According to the World Food Program website, $ 2.1 billion was transferred in cash to people in 64 countries in 2019 alone.

Aside from getting money to recipients in this way, coupons are also used that can be redeemed in some stores and mobile applications that facilitate banking transactions.

Zuniga explained that the United States has experience using these types of formulas to distribute humanitarian aid and ensure it gets to those who need it.

In this regard, he stressed that Washington does not want the money sent to the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) to be used in financing the travel of illegal immigrants to the North.

However, he clarified that “there is currently no new advertising program” and that what is being done is to evaluate the best mechanism for providing assistance.


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