Mexico and the United States seek to strengthen relations in the agricultural sector


Mexico s United State (USTRAnd the To abbreviate it in English).

She stated, “The United States Trade Representative, Catherine Tye, met almost today with the Mexican Economy Minister, Tatiana Klother.” USTR It is a statement.

The parties discussed implementation A trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MECHe committed to implementing common priorities, including “the full implementation of labor reform in Mexico,” the US delegation noted.

The government of former Republican President Donald Trump has denounced the previous free trade agreement North America Which has ruled since 1994, which it blamed for transfers, especially in the auto sector, to Mexico where labor is cheaper.

In the negotiations, the three member states – Canada, the United States and Mexico – agreed on the need to improve conditions for Mexican workers.

Tai highlighted the mutual benefits of “strong bilateral trade in agriculture.”


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