Mexico climbs 4 spots in the IMD global talent ranking


Mexico Four positions jumped, from 60 to 56 in Global Talent Ranking 2020, Released this Thursday before administrative Development Institute (IMD, for its English acronym), is based in Switzerland.

Mexico improved but remains at the bottom of the scale, which includes 63 economies with middle and high incomes per capita.

Improvements arose mainly in the country’s performance in attractiveness (38 out of 40) and disposition (38 out of 47), while in investment and development, Mexico remained at 62nd place. In this factor, the country showed improvements in implementing apprenticeships programs (36 out of 42). Staff training (43 out of 49), but their performance on measures of overall public spending on education and the quality of education remains weak, with female participation in the workforce remaining at 54.

Prioritizing attracting and retaining talent from Mexico improves their status to 46th (from 54) and worker motivation level to 33 (out of 42), which contributes to the overall improvement in attractiveness.

Meanwhile, the availability of skilled labor (33 to 38), financial skills (45 out of 53) and competent senior managers (38 out of 44) boosted the country’s performance in the preparation stage.

Mexico showed a decline in science graduate indicators (22 to 26) and student entry traffic (54 to 59).

The IMD global talent ranking embodies the ability of an economy to develop and attract talent in order to enhance its competitiveness.

In order to determine the quality of the talent pool in the economy, evaluate three factors. The Worker Investment and development Measures how the economy boosts talent; The appellate factor assesses the extent to which the economy retains local talent along with the extraction of international talent; Finally, the preparation factor measures the quality of skills and competencies available in the country.

In 2020, Switzerland s Denmark They ranked first and second in a row for the fifth year in a row. LuxembourgAnd the Iceland s Sweden They complete the five most competitive economies for talent.

AustriaAnd the NorwayAnd the Singapore And the Netherlands They remained in the top ten with little fluctuations from last year, while Canada moved up five places to become the eighth most competitive economy by talent.

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