They make less than 10% of the usual size


After four months of isolation, Argentina’s Chamber of Craft Brewery has launched a survey that reflects the crisis in this sector, which includes some 6,500 households. The first conclusion is that 64.3% of producers confirmed that the sold volume does not even represent 10% of their typical sales. In this sense, more than 60% of manufacturers have not exceeded their monthly sales of 1000 liters.

According to the survey, one in every two producers Over 50% of its stock stops. That’s more than half of their production capacity, indicating that, at this rate, they only have 100 days of supply. By the numbers half of the producers It plans to sell in seven months What I sold in a month. In this context, only 39% of craft beer makers had paid full salaries to employees.

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In terms of suppliers, only 1.2% paid off their debts. 24% cannot pay and 55% bargain with their creditors. Almost 70% of those surveyed consider this It will take six months or more to return to normal.

In addition, among the producers who have enrolled in the Assistance in Work and Production Program (ATP), for which the state pays part of the salaries of private companies, 30% were unable to access this help. 63% of all manufacturers fail to earn any benefit from the state and 50% are ineligible for a loan. Only 22% gained access without any problem.

Selling handmade beer according to the CCAA

Selling handmade beer according to the CCAA

According to the Chamber of Beer Makers, even with all the help the state provided, and assuming all the measures were fulfilled, more than 75% of the producers They will not be active for more than 90 days.

The crisis is in the bars

The crisis is in the bars

Regarding The current state of the bars, more than 50% of these companies bill 10% less than normal And 91.3% is less than 25% of their current bills. Almost 75% have had to reduce the capacity of their workforce. 15% laid off their employees and 20% were arrested without pay. 9% enforce a suspension, pay 70% of salary, 15% and pay 50% of salaries, according to the CCAA report.

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