Mexico demands US conditions to resume return of asylum seekers


Government Mexico request to Washington Various conditions before restarting the era program trump What obliges asylum seekers to United State Mexico’s foreign ministry said Friday, pending judicial hearings in the Latin American country.

the program Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), implemented by the former president Donald TrumpIt could be reintroduced in the next few days after a federal judge ordered the government to do so Joe Biden I restarted it, saying it did not follow proper regulatory procedure.

“The Mexico government (…) referred to various concerns of a humanitarian nature regarding asylum procedures in the United States,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement -Immigration-with-US-Government?State = published.

Reuters reported this week that the administration Biden And Mexico They have not yet agreed to restart MPP because certain conditions must first be met.

Among other conditions, Mexico He called for accelerating development cooperation programs in the south of its territory and in the country Central America, in order to address the causes of migration.

In addition, he sought legal advice for immigrants so that their procedures could be “carried out as quickly as possible.” Secondly, Mexico City wanted Washington Medical care and vaccination against COVID-19 for immigrants.

He also highlighted the importance of respecting standards of vulnerability for groups of people such as unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, people with physical or mental illnesses, the elderly, and members of the community. LGBT +, the monolingual aborigines, among others.

He also demanded that the designated return points be respected, taking into account the capabilities of National Institute of Migration (INM) Mexican and local security conditions. He also asked the United States for “additional resources” for shelters and international organizations to improve conditions for migrants.

“The government of Mexico Confirms that (…) requires that US government The State Department said these humanitarian measures are urgently addressed, adding that “the State Department (…) is awaiting an official response from the United States government.”


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