Mexico did not violate Chapter 8 on energy from the T-MEC; ‘This is not in question’ says Clouthier-El Financiero.

After allegations that Mexico is violating Chapter 8 of the Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada (T-MEC), The Minister of Economy, Tatiana Kluther, Emphasize that this chapter is not under review and should only be analyzed across the cross section.

“the classroom 8 from T-MEC Not under review, like The chief read it as it is and there are more chapters, There are topics that may or may not be reviewed. “Mexico’s independence in terms of what it should do with its constitution in terms of autonomy is not in question,” the public official said in a radio interview.

In this sense, he indicated that what they have to review is the intersection and what the US interprets, what part they want to review in the matter of consultation by the energy sector.

“In my opinion, T-MEC has many chapters that need to be analyzed, seen and partially analyzed United State He asks or explains that it has not been fulfilled in the words of Mexico.”

He stressed that based on a more comprehensive analysis, an answer would be given as to whether Mexico complied with the agreement or not.

He answered the question about whether Mexico is not complying with the agreement on energy issues.

The Article 8 of T-MEC It states that the Parties affirm their full respect for sovereignty and their sovereign right to regulate with respect to the matters dealt with in this chapter, in accordance with their respective constitutions and domestic law, in the full exercise of their democratic processes.

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