Mexico does not accept Venezuela’s gas offer, why?


Mexico City. The severe frost in the United States caused some problems in Mexico’s gas supply, affecting thousands of users and even electricity service.

In light of this, a support initiative from Venezuela has appeared, but there are some rules preventing its acceptance.

Last weekend, President Nicolas Maduro offered to make Venezuela the main supplier of gas to Mexico. However, this cannot be allowed in any way, why?

Previously, the United States government imposed sanctions on Venezuela, which would affect any country that intends to do business.

The United States promoted this because Maduro’s political stance encouraged dictatorship and the exploitation of economic resources without promoting a solution to the terrible economic crisis they faced.

No more ways to gas

In addition, our country has only two LNG terminals, and these terminals are located in Manzanillo, Colima, Altamira and Tamaulipas.

Our country currently only buys natural gas from the United States, because it offers the lowest prices and has an extensive network of gas pipelines.

The supply of natural gas in our country was preserved, and it was decided that millions of consumers would not be affected.

So far, everything will depend on the show being staged, depending on the weather conditions in the neighboring country.

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