A corn seller in Uganda who has 13 wives and 180 children – Juventud Rebelde


Kampala, November 13 – A Ugandan businessman, Mustafa Magambo Mutun, has requested government assistance to be able to take care of his huge family of 13 wives, 10 girlfriends, 180 children and 90 grandchildren.

Mouton also warned that many of his wives were pregnant. In an interview with digital broker Howafrica.com, the 65-year-old explained that he is dedicated to producing corn and coffee, and asserted that he is still strong enough to marry more women and have more children, as he does not drink alcohol, smoke, or eat sugar.

Her eldest son is 50 years old and the youngest are 4-year-old twins. This man admits that he records all births in a book, since not all of them live in Uganda. He has wives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

Medina Tibasima, 45, one of his wives and who has nine children, said that she had not had any problems with a large family because most of her children worked as soldiers, employees and nurses.

But she said her young children need school fees; Some are in elementary school, some in high school. One of Muton’s sons, Kiyas Al Suwaidi, an internal security officer in Gombolula, Kyatrikira, 40, said his monthly salary is for the education of some of the siblings.

Magambo Mutone has a total of 5 sets of twins and is seeking government sponsorship. He said that the realization of such a strain began from a young age in the art of reproduction. He married for the first time when he was 16 years old.

Mustafa Magambo Mutoni is a village chief in Kyatrikira, Kajade Province, and he has asked his country’s government for financial assistance to educate at least 30 of his offspring. The Ugandan Patriarch said: “My youngest wife is 25 years old and the oldest is 50 years old, in addition to about 10 brides before I officially got married in the same year.”

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