Mexico monitors ban on fresh tomatoes in the United States


Mexico’s Economy Ministry announced yesterday that it will closely monitor the measure under which the United States will ban fresh tomatoes from two Mexican companies and their subsidiaries.

In a statement, the agency said the US Customs and Border Protection announced that it would initiate a “product retention procedure,” through a product retention order for tomatoes.

These vegetables are produced by the Mexican tomato companies Agropecuarios Tom and Hortícola and its subsidiaries that pass through ports of entry into the United States.

This is because it is linked to the production of forced commodities in accordance with its national legislation. The Special Envoy pointed out that Although this process ‘is not done under T-young man‘, the treaty provides for ‘cooperative provisions’ for the identification and movement of forced-produced goods.

In addition, the Department of Economy reiterated its commitment to combating forced labor under T-MEC and said it respects the decisions and processes of national legislation in the United States. add that Affected companies have access to a mechanism to review the case before the US authorities.

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On October 21, US Customs and Border Protection announced that it would begin “product retention procedures” through a seizure order.


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