Mexico will export infant formula to the United States

Mexico will export infant formula to the United States

The Government United State Announced Import from Mexico to feed childrenThe volume of which will be the equivalent of 16 million bottles of milk, as one of the measures to address the shortage of this product that the country has been facing for months.

The US Department of Health rented one A fleet of trucks for transportation million pounds of formula milk, Equivalent load a 450,000 kiloIn support of retail companies that demanded the import of milk formulas.

The product corresponds to the formula Gerber Good Start Gentle.

The lack of infant formula As a result of the closure of the company’s factory Abbott Nutrition In Michigan, the United States, on the orders of the regulatory authorities who argued Health and safety reasonsupon detection of bacterial contamination in facilities.

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Reported up to Children suffering from stomach infections For the consumption of artificial milk manufactured in the factory.

At the time, manufacturers made it clear that they struggled in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic Supply guaranteeDerived from Supply chain disruption.

In recent months, this situation has caused Stock depletion in stores and warehouses The US authorities were forced to search for her Emergency procurement of products manufactured in Europe and Australia.

The monastery plant – Largest in the United States for the production of milk formulas – It reopened in June this year, but was closed again For weather reasons, hence the need for the United States to continue imports. (With information from Reforma newspaper)


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