Mexico will host energy consultations with the United States

Mexico will host energy consultations with the United States

He stated that in today’s meeting with Tai, the proposal to establish tripartite working groups was put forward, which will meet during December and early January to discuss various aspects of energy consultations.

If this plan is implemented satisfactorily, progress can be presented at the North American Leaders Summit to be held in our country on January 9-10, 2023.


At the meeting, the Minister of Economy stated that in this new phase they are working closely with the national energy sector, led by Minister Rocío Nahle, who has played a prominent role in building accurate, robust and mutually satisfactory solutions that the couple protects. National sovereignty.

Minister Raquel Buenrostro shared with Ambassador Tay Mexico’s desire to be present simultaneously to all aspects that make up the consultations, giving priority to those in which the solution can be found most quickly, in order to demonstrate that through dialogue it can lead to results.

He stressed that the Mexican government seeks to settle disputes at the stage of consultation, without the need for access to an arbitral tribunal and to ensure national sovereignty.

Minister of Economy Ambassador Tay reported on the meeting of the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States with the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador on biotechnology, and informed that in the next few days there will be a mission from Mexico made up of the Secretariats of Agriculture, Economy and Environment, with Cofepris, with the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, noting That the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs is running the meeting.

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