Mice: New York Already Has a Prime Rat Killer | climate and environment

Mice: New York Already Has a Prime Rat Killer |  climate and environment
Kathleen Corradi, director of the New York Rodent Reduction Program.Bobby Kaina Calvan (AP)

The four million rats living in New York—one for every four residents, a calculation based on somewhat myopic estimates—have their clocks numbered. As of Wednesday, the city has the first “Rodent Reduction Program Director” in its history, Kathleen Corradi, who will fill a newly created position in the municipal organizational chart due to the aversion the mayor, Eric Adams, feels for rats. Adams, and we might add that any resident or visitor to the city encounters them daily with the same ease as commuters in a subway car.

They abound precisely in the subway, but also in parks, in play areas for dogs and children or in the basements of buildings, not forgetting store warehouses or the back rooms of restaurants. They are so ubiquitous that, after the city’s many attempts to eradicate them, four months earlier, Adams announced, to great fanfare, the appointment of Ratslayer Chief. will be the leader Sherif Corradi, new Terminatrix mice. In announcing the job, Democrat Adams emphasized the “bloodthirsty” nature of the potential candidates.

The adventures of New York rats make a fortune on the Internet, it’s not for nothing that the big apple, as they say, is the most Instagram From the world. A video showing a rodent descending the stairs of a subway station with an entire slice of pizza between its teeth went viral in 2015, to the dismay of the city’s tour managers. New York may be famous for its pizza rats, but the rats and the conditions that help them spread will no longer be tolerated: no more dirty sidewalks, abandoned spaces, or blatantly dug burrows. [en solares y edificios en construcción]Coradi said in a statement.

Rats in the New York subway.
Rats in the New York subway.Gary Hirschhorn (Getty Images)

The new person responsible for dismantling New York is a former teacher who is an expert in waste management and will receive $ 155,000 annually, according to the newspaper. New York times. Judging by the requirements of the position, Corradi musters a radical drive, determination, and killer instincts to “kill on a grand scale” of pests. According to a persistent urban legend, New York has as many rats as there are residents: nearly nine million, so the very modest figure of four million is hardly believed by anyone. English novelist Charles Dickens had already complained about its prevalence when he visited the city in 1842.

The latest attempt to keep the ferrets at bay was a local advertisement educating residents that they could take out the trash in the late afternoon, to prevent the sack from breeding on sidewalks. The containers in the basements of apartment buildings are few, and there are still many unassuming plastic or copper trash cans, which makes it very easy for insects. In addition, closing restaurants during the most restrictive phase of the pandemic left them without food, and the ferrets developed a particularly aggressive behavior that persists: they stop at nothing. It is unknown if Mayor Adams’ decree for New Yorkers to refrain from taking out the trash in broad daylight has had any results, since it went into effect on April 1.

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As the debate over whether it is ethical to kill millions of rats in America’s big cities–regardless of morality, some scientists believe it would break the natural chain of species–gains momentum, Mayor Adams achieves, if not an end to the rats, then a breakdown of the city by What you don’t like…and your preferences. A convinced vegan who asserts that a change in diet restored his health and vitality after being diagnosed with diabetes, he created the so-called Friday is vegetarianAs a test for the introduction of feeding alternatives. The former policeman is known for his media coups.

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