Migrants intending to reach Juarez by train

Migrants intending to reach Juarez by train

Juarez City. – A group of migrants seeking to reach Ciudad Juárez aboard a freight train was discovered this morning by elements of the Mexican Army and the National Institute of Migration (INM) at the military checkpoint known as Precos.

Lacking the money or immigration documents needed to travel through Mexico, every day migrants, especially Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, arrive at this border hidden among the train cars.

A group of them was seen this morning at the military point, while others got off the train or walked on the wagons.

“I had to travel by train because the bus from Mexico City is very expensive, and also after Torreón Migration could not check you, and when they stop you on the bus and take you back, it is very difficult,” he explained a few years ago to El Diario Mario, a migrant Venezuelan.

Moisés, another South American who had been on this border since December 20, recounted that in the middle of the desert they had to get out of the train cars and make fires until dawn, when they could again bear the temperatures a little.

Others recounted that they got off the train before reaching Bricos and walked to Samalayuca in the middle of the desert, but not everyone knew of its existence or managed to fool it.

Dozens of migrant families of different nationalities arrive daily at the border hoping to reach the United States, but the Title 42 health system is keeping thousands of them stranded in Ciudad Juárez.

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