MLS harsh response to Neymar: “We don’t need to bring in a famous player at the end of his career”

MLS harsh response to Neymar: “We don’t need to bring in a famous player at the end of his career”
Neymar signs with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025 (Reuters)

Weekend statements made by Neymar is a superstar Paris Saint-Germainin which he referred tofor Major League Soccer (MLS) subordinate United State. The striker had underestimated the tournament because of its schedule, which is much less demanding than the tournament in Europe, which is why the league’s commissioner himself, Don GraberI answer.

The American defended Ml He stressed that he does not intend to attract international personalities who seek to end their career there: “We don’t need to bring in a famous player at the end of his career because he decided he wanted to retire from MLS.”As he claimed. “If they don’t come here to play and contribute in a meaningful way to their teams and our league, and respect the league and its fans, then we don’t want them in MLS.”

In this sense, he continued: “We want our history to consist of young players who come here in their early stages or at the height of their career and choose our league.” Barber put swiss Xherdan Shkiriwhich was recently signed by the Chicago Fire at age 30, as an example that more and more characters are choosing to play in the United States: “I am proud that we are bringing in players who are 30 years old or younger,” claimed.

Don Garber explained that MLS's goal is to find young talent to play there (Getty Images)
Don Garber explained that MLS’s goal is to find young talent to play there (Getty Images)

However, the commissioner realized the value contributed by some of the stars who practically hung their shoes on Mlhow David Beckham, and other veterans who arrived with a competitive mindset. In this last case, Barber He regretted the arrival of the Swedes Zlatan Ibrahimovic To LA Galaxy in 2018, he was seen differently than when he returned to Milan a year later, when “no one said he was going to retire to Italy”. “I honestly felt offended by him.”Sure.

In addition to Shakiriother global characters that will be incorporated this season in Ml They are Italian Lorenzo Insigne (Toronto FC) and the Brazilian Douglas Costa (Galaxy).

Neymar was joking about the American calendar in a chat with him Ronaldo Nazario during the podcast phenomenon: “The tournament there is short, so you have three or four months off (…) that allows you to play a lot more years”. For this reason, he expected that he would like to end his career there: “I really want to play in the United States, that’s what I want. At least one season.”

The 30-year-old Brazilian renewed his contract with the Parisians in May until 30 June 2025 when he turns 33. For this reason, many analysts speculate that this will be the end of his time in old or old Contentsomething is already starting to pass through the head of the former Barcelonawho admitted that he hesitated to return to him Brazil. “Sometimes I want to, sometimes I don’t,” he explained.

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