Molucca’s travel strengthens knowledge

Molucca’s travel strengthens knowledge

Traveler Malok closed its science and technology itinerary on Thursday in Atlanticfollowing a schedule of various exhibitions in Jose David Montezuma Institute of Education in Rebellon for ten days.

The Journey of Knowledge attracted seven thousand people from the Southern Cone in the middle of the advanced sessions, among those students, teachers, principals, and parents.

The Atlántico government, along with the interactive museum known as Maloka and Simon Bolivar UniversityShe sought to encourage students of this area that mathematics and technology are “easy” and essential, as they are part of everyday life.

The Provincial Education Minister, Catalina O’Cross, stated that this strategy was developed in order to enhance skills in 4 thousand children from 32 educational institutions located in the South Atlantic so they have a different experience.

We exceeded expectations because we arrived 7 thousand children Today (yesterday) the dynamics have been shut down but there is still a proven capacity in educational institutions and that is why teacher training has begun.”

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