Monroe County Commissioner dies of COVID

Monroe County Commissioner dies of COVID

Miami.– Mike Forster, the commissioner of Monroe County, where the Florida Keys is located, a famous influencer and entrepreneur, has died of COVID-19.

Mike, who in addition to being Mangrove Café-owned politician Mike, passed away on Monday, September 6 in the intensive care unit at Baptist Hospital in Kendall. He was 61 years old.

The commissioner, who was vaccinated, was hospitalized in August after developing pneumonia.

“Mike, who we all considered a wonderful family, gave everything to the Florida Keys with great passion. We were fed food, love, positive words and hugs,” Mayor Michele Calderon said in a condolence statement.

“He never said we couldn’t do it, in the face of the great challenges he used to say let’s find out how to do it. He fought with passion for everyone to have a quality of life that would allow them to live in the Keys, in decent homes, with protection and fair wages” .

“He showed with all his heart his love for the environment and people. “Rest in peace, my friend,” said the mayor.

During the first big wave of the pandemic, when restaurants closed in the Florida Keys, Mike dedicated himself to distributing food to those in need by farm share.

Prior to being elected Commissioner of the Keys, he served several terms on the Board of Islamorada and traveled annually to Africa to help with missions helping the children of Uganda.

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